Adelaide, South Australia: Much To Offer, Too Seldom Visited


An artistic tradition from earlier times, when aboriginal artists portrayed the landscape around them from an aerial point of view, painters still use these dots. Even people and parts of bodies are constructed of a series of dots. The Art Gallery of South Australia , celebrating its 130th birthday this year, was completely refurbished to best showcase Australian art. There is work by Col. Light in the Gallery and several by artists brought over by Captain Cook. There is also some “tourist art,” shields and the like made by Aboriginal artists specifically for tourists to take back home. The South Australian Museum, which is reminiscent of theMuseum of Natural History in New York, only on a smaller scale, showcases the native flora and fauna of the country and of other parts of the world. All of these museums are free. The exceptions are some special exhibitions and performances at Tandanya, where a moderate admission is requested. Art can also be found outdoors. The pig rooting through trash in the middle of a downtown Adelaide mall is a playful example. The city of Adelaide — and everything in it — is easily navigated and accessible. Open malls, heaps of parkland, coffeehouses, restaurants — all the amenities are available and welcoming. SA license plates are imprinted with the slogan: “The Festival State,” a truth confirmed by a look at entertainment listings, tourist materials and alternative press.
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Adelaide, South Australia: Much To Offer, Too Seldom Visited


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