Saks Fifth Avenue’s Sells American-Made Luxury Baby Gifts from Oliver & Adelaide

Markets closed Saks Fifth Avenues Sells American-Made Luxury Baby Gifts from Oliver & Adelaide Tue, Jul 16, 2013 8:38 AM EDT Print Chestnut Ridge, NY, July 16, 2013 (eTeligis via Accesswire) Oliver & Adelaide ( ) a leading purveyor of luxury American-made clothing, toys & furnishings for babies and toddlers, announced today that Saks Fifth Avenue is selling their gift packages on and is featured on the homepage. Saks will carry two of Oliver & Adelaide’s expertly curated packages, “The Perfect Baby Package” – $278 and “The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Package” – $498. All of the items and packaging are made in the United States. Image: and A 7-16-13.jpg “Saks buying American-made is a wonderful expression of the support from an established luxury retailer helping to bring manufacturing back to the US. We provide the safest, most exquisite heirloom quality items for children all made domestically. We are delighted that Saks has joined in this movement,” said Gary Osborne, Founder & Creative Director of Oliver & Adelaide and a sought-after made-in-America child style expert. “Today’s announcement represents a dramatic expansion of the Oliver & Adelaide brand.” Osborne added, “With a large American retailer establishing business with Oliver & Adelaide, Saks is supporting over 20 other small domestic businesses that make items for our baby packages.” From sleeping and feeding to teething and playing these distinct packages include Made-in-the-USA items that are essential for a new baby. The Perfect Baby Package and The Ultimate Baby Shower Package are curated especially for boys and girls, ages newborn to six months, and is available for immediate delivery. Oliver & Adelaide offers two additional packages, including “The Beautiful Beginnings Package” and “The Complete Style and Comfort Package” are offered with personalization on 65% of the pieces. All of the packages are also available for quarterly subscription following the child’s age and stage of development. The Oliver & Adelaide omni channel shop also features a gift registry, which makes it fast and convenient for new parents to let their friends and family know which gifts they would like for their new baby. In addition, the site features a series of exclusive “Meet the Designers” ( ) videos documenting Gary’s travels around the country interviewing the designers, artists, and craftspeople behind Oliver & Adelaide’s products. About Gary Osborne: Child style expert Gary Osborne, an accomplished fashion designer, art and design teacher and new gay dad of two children, founded Oliver & Adelaide in 2012. He specializes in American-made children’s products, scouting the crme de la crme of American-made children’s clothing, toys, and furnishings from all over the country. Gary, who holds a Master’s of Art Education, practices his expertise in child development in order to ensure that products are age appropriate. He has had over a dozen years of experience as a creative director and fashion designer leading the design direction in New York and China for labels including Astor & Ivy, Perry Ellis, Ports 1961 Menswear, and HMX Sportswear. Gary writes for The Huffington Post, The Bump and Mommybites, educating parents on the best made-in-the-USA products for children and why buying American-made is important, especially when shopping for children. In addition to overseeing Oliver & Adelaide, Osborne teaches fashion history and styling at several New York City fashion colleges, including F.I.T. About Oliver & Adelaide: Oliver & Adelaide is a new online shop specializing in curating seasonal packages and select pieces available a la carte of American-made clothing, toys & furnishings for children newborn – 3 years old. Unlike competing services, Oliver & Adelaide hand selects items based on your toddler’s age and developmental stage. Oliver & Adelaide was founded in 2012 by Gary Osborne, an accomplished fashion designer, art and design teacher, and new father of two children. Oliver & Adelaide is headquartered in New York.
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Saks Fifth Avenue’s Sells American-Made Luxury Baby Gifts from Oliver & Adelaide


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